rick-cherry-tattoo-machinesRick Cherry, owner and founder of TattooMachineSupply.com opened the doors to northern Virginia’s first licensed tattoo studio in 1980, and those doors are still open today. Rick’s Tattoos is the oldest tattoo studio serving the north Virginia and Washington D.C. area. In addition to running one of the most respected tattoo studios in the nation, Rick Cherry has been building custom, hand-made tattoo machines since the 1980s.

TattooMachineSupply.com maybe a new name in the tattoo market place but has deep roots within the tattooing industry. We combine seasoned tattooist with an accomplished manufacturing producer. We have been manufacturing tattoo equipment for over a decade and selling equipment to several major industry suppliers. If you have purchased tattoo machine equipment over the past 10 years, it is highly likely, somewhere along the way, you have purchased some of our equipment.

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