offers a complete package of machine building equipment, design services for builders looking for a protected proprietary part, and specialized pieces. All of our equipment we bring to market has been produced in Sarasota, Florida. Full inspection of our facilities, and to assure source of manufacture, is encouraged.

Over the past 40 years, as our experience and the industry grew, we have watched the growth and the eventual adulteration of the tattoo machine, a once sacred part of our business. Profit minded corporations have high jacked the industry and dominated the production of the tool. Even well respected machine builders have been forced to compromise quality when it comes to sourcing parts for their prized machines. Large national based tattoo supply houses have us by the balls and are outsourcing the manufacturing of the equipment to whomever is the cheapest bidder with no regard of quality.  Asian crap metal and cheap fittings have become the accepted norm. is changing this. We can declare and are proud to say, ALL metal used in the fabrication of our tattoo equipment is guaranteed to have been manufactured in North America. We strive for exceptional quality and stand by our work. We are recapturing, reclaiming and manufacturing the tools of our trade and returning Made in the USA pride and quality to the tattoo industry.