From Coil Guys For Life

“In 1970 with the help (I didn’t say apprenticeship) of Johnny Walker, I got my start in the world of tattooing.

After getting several tattoos from Johnny and creating a small friendship with him, he had the misfortune of being robbed one night. The next night, I just happened to stop by and he told me the story. He also asked if by chance I could get my hands on a pistol for him to have in the studio. I just happened to have a snub-nosed 38 in my pocket, and we became better friends.

From that point on, I hung around more and sort of became the shop rat, bouncer, pain in the ass , whatever you wanted to call me. Very quickly it became my job to make needles, change the bucket of water under the counter and wash tubes. This unfortunately did not last long.

Very quickly Johnny’s business was booming and he needed a larger space. He moved to a new location. With this move came the partnership of Johnny Walker and Joe Farrar, and it was made clear that I was not needed.

Not to give up that easily, I befriended Joe and we would hang out after hours sometimes, although Joe was not quick to release any information. After a while I had to leave to further my education in the tattoo world.

In the very early 80’s I returned to my native DC area. It was time to be on my own.

Rick’s Tattoos moved into 4818 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA where it remains today.”

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